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Looking To Get Started With Penny Stocks?

If you are looking are thinking that Penny Stocks are a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Although great fortunes can be made from penny stocks, people can also lose everything they invest in Penny Stocks. The most important investment you can make at the start of your investment career is to invest in education. Why Education and not stock? Diving head first into the stock market is a great way of losing your money which is why we don’t recommend it. The best thin........ Read More

Penny Stock Strategies

Why should the rich guys have all the fun? The small investor can seek out huge returns too...if they know how. Technical analysis that uses statistics for forecasting price fluctuations is one approach. However, because it is difficult to track changes in fractions of a penny, there simply isn’t enough data to be able to analyze. Therefore, you have to keep an ear to the ground when you trade penny stocks. One of the biggest forces that drive penny stock prices is hype. Whether it’s online ........ Read More

Penny Stocks - Turn Your Pennies Into Dollars

Penny Stocks - Turn Your Pennies Into Dollars We've all heard about the investor how bragged about his 100% or 1000% return on a stock or about the guy who made it rich by investing in small caps, undiscovered stocks that made it big. In theory, it seems to be too easy. Invest in a couple of penny stocks, then sell them when they move up. Unfortunately, it is too easy. Too easy to lose money unless you know what to look for. First, lets have a look at what types of companies trade on the OTC B........ Read More

How Profitable Is Online Penny Stock Trading - By An Expert

Copyright 2006 Geoff Morris If you don't want to risk vast sums of money on speculative stock market adventures, then Online Penny Stock Trading could be the solution you are looking for to provide quite profitable investments. There are websites that pick penny stocks that are trading under $5.00 on both the NYSE, the NASDAQ, and other major Exchanges such as the London Stock Exchange. You have the chance to become a penny stock trading winner at any time. But the risks are very big and if you........ Read More

The Profit Potential Of Penny Stocks

Penny stocks, as the name suggests, are shares that are available at extremely cheap rates. Being available literally for pennies, you can purchase such stocks for as low as $2 per share. These stocks are usually of very small companies, which have a market capitalization of less than $500 million. They are not traded at the major stock exchanges like NASDAQ or NYSE, but are listed in the pink sheets or the OTCBB (Over The Counter Bulletin Board), because these stocks are of companies that are u........ Read More

Penny Priced Stock Options

Sometimes investors feel that they do not have sufficient leverage. When this happens, they find it difficult to use the opportunities that present themselves and make a profit from them. Penny options are one good way to gain leverage and build your portfolio at the same time. A lot of stocks are priced incrementally – for example, at five or ten cent increments. Penny stock pricing methods do not use increments but vary by pennies. Traders can increase their leverage with penny stocks bec........ Read More

Best Pennystocks: A Stock Trading Robot?

Interested in the First Commercially Available Stock Trading Robot? Are you looking for the best pennystocks? Who isn't right? What I am about to share with you, is a very unusual story. I have been involved in many forms of investments including trading stocks for a long period of time. I thought I had heard of everything until what I am about to talk about. This is something my graduate studies did not talk about nor did any of the other traders I spent time around. I am always looking for ........ Read More

Are Penny Stocks For You?

Penny stocks are definitely risks that are better suited for the investor that likes to go skydiving, skinny-dipping, and bungee jumping. Of course even a few more conservative investors will find some attraction in the low risk promise of hefty payouts that the right penny stock can offer. In fact, many investors dream of being the one to find that perfect penny stock with absolute potential that will someday become the next LDDS turned WorldCom before the fall. The truth is that little busin........ Read More

The Problem With Penny Stock Trading

Most people these days want to earn money fast. This is probably one of the major reasons that so many people are also getting scammed and often lose a lot of money. Sad to say, that the “easy money” mentality has reached the stock market and has left a lot of people investing unwisely on penny stocks that may often be too risky to begin with. Let us learn how this variety of stocks can actually be problematic to investors. What Are Penny Stocks? Penny stocks are stocks that are sol........ Read More

My Simple Penny Stock Picking System

Before investing your hard-earned cash into penny stocks, it is important to research the penny stocks you want to invest in before committing any cash.. You want to find profitable penny stocks. To do this, you’ll need penny stock leads. Leads are just names of penny stocks that you are thinking of investing in. There are many ways to get penny stock leads. For example, searching the internet (blogs and forums), joining a penny stock mailing list or keeping an eye out on the news. The main id........ Read More

Penny Stocks – Beyond The Pump And Dump

Penny Stocks can be a great investment, but you have to know what to look for, or sometimes more accurately, what to look out for. Buying Penny Stocks based on a recent email you received, or what you heard from someone you barely know, is not usually a good idea. Penny Stocks have historically been a source of wealth for many investors, but conversely have been the source of countless lost small fortunes. Determining what is good advice, mixed with all the hype, can sometimes be a very difficul........ Read More

What Are The Risks Of Trading Penny Stocks?

You will hear about all kinds of risks that are taken when playing the stock market game. There are high-risk stocks and investments along with many low risk mutual funds and everything in between. When it comes to high-risk investment options, penny stocks often top the charts as some of the highest risks you will find in investment circles. Of course, they also offer some of the highest yield of any other stocks as well because the prices start so low and the sky is literally the limit. Do n........ Read More

Beginners Information About Trading Penny Stocks Online

Since writing about trading penny stocks online over at my blog, I received several emails about the subject and it seems to have generated a good deal of interest. People have been trading stocks online since the very early days of the internet, and nowadays it is a simple matter for anyone who decides they want to get involved to start online trading. However, there are several things you should be aware of before deciding to start trading stocks, not least of which is that it is a gambl........ Read More

Penny Stocks And The Investments

Recently, investors commence sharing in the penny stocks. This action occurred especially after investors began to realize that they had the ability to invest chump change in a selection of companies. In short, investors could invest a few pennies or dollars in small companies around the United States. Since Forex and the stock market exchange industry has higher risks many newcomers to the stock market will invest in penny stocks. Penny stocks allow investors to put up five bucks and potenti........ Read More

Staying On Top Of The Top Penny Stocks

Before you put money into any investment, you like to know that the investment has a reasonable chance of appreciating in value. And the same applies to penny stocks; there are thousands and thousands of penny stocks, but before you buy any of them you would certainly benefit from knowing how to separate the top penny stocks in a sector from the rest. The skills to do that can be learned with a great deal of homework and some trading experience. If you really could spot the top penny stoc........ Read More


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Penny Stock Penny Trading Penny Invest Shares
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